We are directly connected to over 30 teleports with more than 700 managed satellite antennas with truly global reach through an impressive inventory of satellites.

Our order portal is intertwined with class leading teleporting and satellite inventory provider’s database and booking portals and with a few clicks our customers have full visibility on how to connect their signal to their preferred satellite and matching downlink or on pass.

From Occasional services to full time Direct to Home ‘DTH’ service our Network operation Centres ‘NOCs’ monitor signals around the clock and our clients have access to confidence monitoring on their web devices through

Unlike other Delivery Networks our Network is private and exclusive Network running on well-engineered fiber network supported with multiple IP satellite gateways around the globe ensuring seamless TS from source to destination and complemented with own Private Cloud for web interface interface with servers, PCs and personal devices.
It is Broadcast Centric: Built for professional Broadcast SD, HD and 4K TS delivery application between the field and TV Centres and from TV Centres permanent 24/7 backhaul feeds to linear DTH Teleports, IPTV head ends and OTT CDNs anywhere with impressive redundancy and diversity.
Is Highly Optimized utilizing state of the art WAN optimization technology to ensure the shortest and most secured path routing delivering ultra low latency no matter how apart physically the transmitting and receiving nodes are.
Has Unmatched Cross Connections on multi Gigabit Ethernet fiber backbone with major global Tier-1 fiber operators and CDN operators.
Is Well Peered with the 5 major global Internet Exchange points and with fiber landings serving more than 120 Talco’s globally. This ensures efficient customization of IP connectivity of both fixed and cellular metro-nets.
Has Strong Penetration Because the network is well peered and cross-connected it is unique in the strength of First and Last Mile penetration and link stability when using public internet.
Technology Agnostic, the network is truly Open Platform. This enable subscribers to use streaming devices from any manufactures/vendors including existing DVB-T and DBV-S IP enabled codecs and instantly build their network.
Fully Scalable, the network is connected at multi layers level providing secure VPN topology and has unlimited node operability capacity hence, Subscribers nodes are scalable with unlimited number of nodes
Has as a proprietary point-to-multipoint Routing Portal management tool enable subscribers to build and manage their own nodes connectivity and inter connect with other subscribers nodes including those in the field.
The network benefit from round the clock multi geo located 24/7 NOC monitoring centres in London, Abu Dhabi, Algiers and Atlanta (USA).

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