Simplicity must mask complexity is the driving philosophy behind our vision on how we exploit cloud technology to empower broadcasting operations.

Absolute reliability, unlimited accessibility and immediate Scalability are the foundations for our vision in building a collaborative platform to move broadcasting to next generation operations tools.

Broadcast grade video is the most demanding form of data and requires dedicated high end compute processing coupled with intelligent distributed storage infra structure and off course a premium grade network to carry it around at lightening speed.

Enabling our community in removing the blurred area between IT and operations is a game changer. To manage the entire broadcast chain from a portal is certainly a revolution.

With over 100 public sector broadcasters throughout the EMEA region who gather, produce, exchange, distribute and archive their content creating an unmatched eco system where collaboration conquers legacy networks challenges brining a seamless intertwined community and availing new opportunities of content sourcing and sharing to life.

We have painstakingly selected, tested and customised class leading applications that not only independently address the functions they are designed to do but do it with less resources than traditional boxes and are natively virtualized removing the need for hardware other than a commodity IT resources.




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