Broadcast grade video is the most demanding form of data and requires dedicated high end compute processing coupled with intelligent distributed storage infra structure and off course a premium grade network to carry it around at lightening speed.

Enabling our community in removing the blurred area between IT and operations is a game changer. To manage the entire broadcast chain from a portal is certainly a revolution.

Conditioned Network


Unlike data driven networks ours is been built from the ground up to serve broadcast grade content in all its facets. You will be pressed hard to find such a finely tuned IP Transit that serves so well the Black spots of the Near, Middle East and Africa like ours does.  With next generation security and absolute redundancy we enable our members to provide their operation on the palms of their talent and vault their assets in banking grade safety.

Uniquely Connected

With removing linearity in the network we are able to connect broadcasters at the application level. With a wide set of APIs and SDKs enabling our development backend to bring literally any application wherever hosted into your application store where you can map tailor IOPS and storage resources.

We leverage a dynamic R&D environment enabling our community to test applications, network and interoperability merits positioning as a migration launch pad.

Tier-1 IP Transit Profile

Our POPs are inter-connected with all tier-1 IP transit carriers. We do this to ensure that packets travelling within our network not only have the shortest latency but equally important is that they are provided superior redundancy and resilience.

Private VPN

Our network has its own tiered ASN making classing services in terms of security, bandwidth and relatability a breath. Our members to manage their ecosystem by themselves. Not only at the MAC and IP address level but also at routing level.

From over 300 cities around the globe our customers are able to scale bandwidth to a 10Gbps bandwidth scale, deploy infinite number of NGFW routing rules or launch a virtual private network layers ‘VPLS’ by a few clicks on their network management portal.

SD WAN enabled

Because the last mile is still a network challenge and unlike other networks ours doesn’t end at the gate. We deploy our own routers at main data centers in more than 38 cities of developing network conditions and manage our own Software defined Wide Area Network fabric to give our community members precedence among other users in unmanaged internet traffic. This sets our network apart at bottle necks periods and locations where international transit is highly contended by the telco’s subscribers.

Coupled with our VPLS capabilities our SD WAN fabric brings superior redundancy and reduced latency at both the national and the international traffic levels compared to legacy MPLS topologies.

Highly Secured


Our security strategy is built on two main pillars. The security of our community members infra structure and the security of the data they transport across our network veins.

For that our three Network Operations Centres NOCs work hand in hand with our partners and service providers to lock out threats and they day and night.

Our Host Security Service (HSS) provides best-of-class overall protection of our host. It provides login, system, and application protection capabilities from intrusions.

 Unified Threat Management

With threats rapidly increasing in volume and sophistication we leave

nothing for chance. We deploy enterprise grade UTM layer not only across our core network but we also make it available for our community members.

While most UTM products stop short at the web security level our UTM layer is truly comprehensive and extends across legacy Firewalls & NGFW, VPN, Intrusion Prevention Services ‘IPS’, Web Filtering, Anti Malware, Data Leakage Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, SD WAN, Switch Management and WLAN Controllers.

Unmatched Firewalls Fabric

Any device connected to our network is deemed a network device and for that reason we don’t only fortify the network cores. We complement traditional physical appliance form factors with carrier grade virtualized blanket of the state of the art next generation virtual firewall ‘NGVFW’ technology from global security leaders and extend it throughout our fabric to gain visibility and maintain consistent security policy as workloads, users, and data migrate to more agile, elastic, and virtualized infrastructure.

Our fabric delivers advanced security and control of traffic with other private, public, and hybrid clouds and enable higher throughput and lower latency for network VPN services such as NAT and DHCP.

Conditional Access & Authentication Management

We gate-keep the network through secure network management Simple deployment and licensing authentication tools that offer our community Intuitive, centralized authentication and authorization, Single-sign-on (SSO) for both web/cloud and network resources. Two-factor strong authentication and

Our Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS) continuously examines servers and websites with real-time update of 10,000+ types of vulnerability information in the rule library; scans urgent vulnerabilities, ports, and weak passwords to detect vulnerabilities and potential security risks to prevent asset loss and data leaks caused from attacks, ensuring data is more secure than ever before. prevent website interruption due to scanning traffic surges; prevents dirty data from being written into databases.

We leverage and Support our community IT departments & professionals’ tools for quick scan through multi-engine collaboration, leverages fingerprint identification, and accurately adopts scan rules, meaning higher scan efficiency.

Isolated & Vaulted Database

Broadcast Archive are treasures of human memories worthy of museum grade care and protection and there are no protection methods deemed enough to guard and protect such assets.

Data protection skills and infra structure are core deliverables for us. We work tirelessly with our community members and third party providers on best practices of broadcast data storage/archive vaulting using a mix of storage protocols including the industry S3 protocol developed by Amazon.

Our community content curators need no IT security skills to carryout routine cumulative incremental backup operations because we deploy sophisticated sets of encryption which identify and maintain versions of data objects for the last Level 0 incremental backup.

Curators class their own vaulting, isolation and retrieval policies and able to monitor the off-site installations metrics including the quality of air, auxiliary power back up, CCTV and security armed guards within isolation complexes.

Simple Operation


We have taken out sting of deploying your own cloud environment not only at the network level but also at the application level with optimizing best of breed applications that address the entire broadcast operation.

Just Add Content

Whether you are considering deploying contribution, collaboration or distribution centric applications at premises, hosted or a hybrid deployment rest assured that we have carried out elaborate research and development with developers and workflow adaptations including stress tests to ensure that they meet live broadcast environment grade deployment.

Virtualize your Broadcast Control & Monitoring Operation

  • Studio Control
  • Master Control Rooms
  • Scheduling, Presentation & Layout

Bring collaborative tools into play for a networked TV experience

  • Global Newsroom
  • Connected Post Production
  • Solidify News-gathering

Join the revolution of Connected TV

  • Advanced Transmission Control tools
  • Optimize Backhauling & IPTV provisioning
  • Ready OTT platforms to deploy

Scale with a click

Because we know once you have adopted cloud deployment there is no looking back at the black box era and that you would soon be looking at your scaling strategy. we work hard in simplifying the decision with built in scalability both horizontally and vertically.

By their nature operations grow, shrink, change focus or move locations in a continuous amebic movement and that requires matching technology and operational reflexes. We understand that you continuously want to move reliance from an in premise resource to a hosted one or scale up in either or both environments to meet a spike or surge in demand locally or remotely. Exploiting the benefits of distrusted cloud topology Our cloud platform management tools give you just that universal layer to pull the strings to keep the show running.

Class leading Plug & Play Edge Network Tools as a service

  • Enterprise grade VPN with Global SD WAN capabilities
  • Next Generation Firewall deployment
  • High throughput & Superior switching Network Functions Virtualisation
  • Terrestrial, Cellular & over Satellite Bonded throughput

Universal Resource Visibility

  • Consolidate and manage in premise, hosted or public clouds Inventroy
  • Elastic Compute & Storage servers moved closer to the action in a click
  • Largest Broadcast centric applications Inventroy.

Unmatched Operational Keep-Up

  • Redundancy as a service
  • 24/7 Local support
  • APIs, SDKs & Web development when you need them

Micro manage Network

  • A helping hand from migration to maturity
  • State of the Art Cloud Platform Management Tools
  • White Label platform deployment

Build your private cloud platform. a Hybrid On Premise and Hosted

We will Help you

  • Identify routing
  • Hosting & POPS
  • IP transit
  • Network (VPN on VPLS, MPLS, D WAN)
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • CMP to bring in distrusted infra structure

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