Network as a Service

We not only remove last mile connectivity challenges between your premises (sites), local data centres and public clouds to our network but we also provide unbreakable connectivity to our network. See how we do it a. NFV Take advantage of our multi-homed ASN made of over 180 Gbps VPLS connecting a unique fabric of IP Transit peered on the most strategic marine fibers around the globe with its own enterprise grade CDN, unmatched security provisioning and a global SD WAN.

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Plug and Play Network Resources

Our in premise network tools once unpacked and powered up instantly take the role of your trusted network gateway asset. Included and pre installed in a RU rack with complete 1:1 redundancy chain including UPS batteries and redundant power supply management.

Once installed they provide unbreakable multi VPN layers.

4. We deploy enterprise grade Internet routers with embedded SD WAN & first layer VPN functionalities
5. State of the Art Next Generation Firewall routers with multi GigE 2nd layer VPN throughput
6. Data centre grade Switches with up to 40Gbps throughput.
7. Enterprise grade Internet connection bonding routers combing telco provided Ethernet, VSAT and multi cellular data SIM cards throughput into one SLA managed network gateway with built in redundancy and VPN layer with a further SD WAN layer.

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Inter-Cross Connections

Our network nodes reside in the same data centres of major public cloud providers network nodes and we have physical multi GigE fiber connections to their container and storage resources to give you a network connection second to none regardless of whom serves your cloud resources.

Our customers have the freedom to choose multi-region, multi-vendor compute containers and the same for their storage resources.
Using our Cloud Management OS they are able to combine in premise resources across their scattered network and create a unique platform to meet their environment of multi application adaptive network
Whether you are looking for direct connection.

Similarly our broadcast specialist cross connection platform not only connects directly with major broadcasting organisations.

Our connection services are offered with an embedded broadcast grade Media Engine offering Trans-coding, Trans-muxing and Trans-rating on the fly. This enable our customers to manage streams traffic on the network whether contribution & storage or distribution to CDN edges ready adapted.

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We pride ourselves in been among the first to provide a Software Defined Television platform not only a first class hosting eco system but also by integrating a unique suite of core broadcasting applications from production to delivery provided in a comprehensive suite of virtual device interface ‘VDI’.


Our philosophy to video storage centres around empowering collaboration at every process of the broadcast operations eco system addressing functionalities across the production, post production, transport and archive while continually addressing security and high availability as core viability requisites.

That is why Video in our network is stored in all FLASH storage specifically developed for video storage providing near zero latency and state of the art Artificial Intelligence functionalities in search & retrieval such as facial recognition and time map as standard.

Video on our network travel through VPN layers only ensuring security is paramount and introduced to the web through our own eCDN caching eliminating the risk of exposure to the web many threats.

Production DRaaS

With Disaster Recovery as a Service, the time to return applications to production is reduced because data does not need to be restored over the internet. DRaaS removes the need for the necessary expertise to provisionconfigure and test an effective disaster recovery plan. Using DRaaS also means that our clients do not have to invest in and maintain their own off-site Disaster Recovery environment.

We provide this in a scaled fashion up to to a standalone & drop down on premise contained data center infrastructure.

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Our approach allows project managers to freely carryout stress test on their infra structure or further specification manipulation without affecting operational keep up.

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