Our philosophy to video storage centres around empowering collaboration at every process of the broadcast operations eco system addressing functionalities across the production, post production, transport and archive while continually addressing security and high availability as core viability requisites.

That is why Video in our network is stored in all FLASH storage specifically developed for video storage providing near zero latency and state of the art Artificial Intelligence functionalities in search & retrieval such as facial recognition and time map as standard.

Video on our network travel through VPN layers only ensuring security is paramount and introduced to the web through our own eCDN caching eliminating the risk of exposure to the web many threats.

Mirrored Local

Broadcasters often have a considerable lead-time to mobilize their day to day video assets to the archive vaults so that they are properly logged in with standard meta data at the Archive MAM gateway.

These assets can be at different sites and across different operational eco system and hence the lead time can be months.

We provide our customers with a ready plug and play solution for temporary or permanent use.

We utilize transparent capture technology that stores uncompressed & compressed video as it is been moved (switched) within the broadcasters’ infra structure locally or remotely along with original logging, time code and meta data from cameras, player, edit bins, studios, OBs, regional infra structure and remote Bureaux & collaborative teams on a 24/7 basis. This enable production & distribution teams to have instant access to their content throughout the processing lifecycle while ensures that Archive MAM never miss an asset to archive and vault.

Because we our network is private and we manage its conditioning we are able to provide complete redundancy on the cloud for this local storage and secured web access features.


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On Net

Networked production facilities and broadcasters with multi sites inside one country or across continents are often unable to reap the full benefit of collaborative functionalities of their applications because of the time it takes to store their video and the time to access it from a different location.

This mostly confines collaboration to low resolution formats with frustrating long lead-times during capture, ingest, down/up and cross conversion process.

Because the workflow is mostly dictated by third parties. Those are often the application providers who are likely to have their storage inventory hosted on public cloud platforms.

Despite the substantial financial cost strain such workflow introduces the operational inefficacy is sadly the main disadvantages.

We provide completely dedicated caching resources that mobilize your video assets uncompressed, in any format up to 4K and graphics to the gate at locations your teams need it.

Because our network is cross connected with over 300 broadcaster & production hub and is inter-connected with all major public cloud providers and our storage is video centric we can bring in to our eco system or push out from it high volume of last mile cache accessible instantly.

We do this by exploiting two of our most innovative assets. These are our own SD WAN and our enterprise CDN.

Active Archive

Advances in digitisation and Media Asset Management ‘MAM’ have made digital archiving a much more trusted assets storage strategy.

However, archive is by nature a deep storage solution which means access to footages consumes resources and time.

An Active Archive solution is a combination of open system applications, different types of disk and tape hardware that intelligently monitor and migrate data across multiple storage devices while maintaining fast user accessibility without the intervention of an administrator.

This not only eliminates the need for IT intervention when an archived file is requested, but also provides virtually limitless storage capacities in a much smaller footprint and cost per GB. Active Archive reduces the recall time of an archive file from days to under 2 minutes—even directly from tape

Active Archive solutions also monitor the integrity of your data, eliminating the risk of data loss from bit rot, corruption, failed disk drives and bad media. This management approach provides a

searchable, compliant format to store data for the total lifecycle of a file based on company policies, industry regulations and state or federal laws.

We help our clients to upgrade their archive inventory to an active archive with minimal investment in resources or interruption to their operation.


Online and available archive anytime and from anywhere



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