We utilizing an impressive network of know-how to help deliver modular and sustained skill set of high end industry certified Training and Development programmes in Platforms management, Journalism, technology, acquisition, branding & creative, marketing, presentation & grid development, rights formats adaptation, archiving and geo redundancy operation.

With our training partners we are able to provide a mix of of on-premises hand-on training, distant learning courses and on campus intensive tutorial and practical led course cores.

Academic Training

For most of operations staff finding spare time to commit to regular class is a challenge on its own right let alone finding coaching in an academic taught courses and hence such a venue is often discounted.

While such challenges are all too familiar we are also familiar with innovative schemes and approaches made by leading academic institutions in bridging these difficulties.

We have been able to identify opportunities which make it much easier for operations staff to seek to complement their expertise with formal academic qualifications at both under and post graduate level and built an impressive network of support from specialist expert houses that are able to bridge gaps that may hinder exploiting these opportunities.

We gained invaluable experience in engaging with academic institutions in designing relevant course syllabuses, appraise admission criteria, preparing candidates to meet language skills, and professional perquisites and supporting them with access to e-learning tools and most importantly provide them with structured environment for under taking case studies, carry out projects and or thesis as part of their academic course and we do this in close co-ordination with their working environment to ensure relevance and sustained impact.

We focus on enabling ambitious candidates who are not only determined to gain academic qualifications but also will benefit their operation with effective knowledge transfer to their peers.

Most of the courses we support are distance learning based with selected periods spent during the academic year at the institution campuses that provide exposure to the rhythm and tempo of full time academic life.

We help employers sponsoring candidates with selection of relevant syllabuses, frequencies and modes of delivery of the course(s) and delivery (English and/or French) languages.

Master of Business Administration ‘MBA’ are aimed at senior broadcast operations managers, directors and executive officers who wish to formalize their profeciencywithin the scope of an academic award.

Master of Arts ‘MA’ in Media Management also provides senior and executive management with eye opening exposure to the science of Media at large but with an accent in broadcasting.

Undergraduate Bachelor degrees in science provide a more solid comprehension of broadcasting technology with strong specialty disciplines and suits young professionals who have accumulated deep understanding of one or more aspects of the broadcast operations yet they wish to bolster their command of the technology and associated applications under the coaching and supervision of some of the best academic coaches in their field.

Professional Training

On the Management & Journalistic skills training we focus largely on skill sets in  ;

Managerial Training

  • Broadcast Management Best Practices
  • Operational Budgetary Planning Skills
  • Multiplatform Media Broadcasting Management
  • HR Management and Talent Retention Skills
  • Regulatory, Distribution and Rights Management
  • Acquisition and Contractual Management
  • Technology and Operational Resources Management
  • Addressing Core Audience & Engaging Non core Audience
  • Revenue generation Techniques

Editorial Training

  • Ethical Journalism Best Practices
  • Multi-platform Newsroom Convergence
  • Compiling and Editing News Bulletins incl. Writing and reporting business and financial news
  • TV newsgathering and reporting, including live reporting skills
  • News production Management
  • Contribution Sourcing including smartphones production
  • Audience Generated Content engagement
  • Audience engagement and Interaction techniques
  • Social Media production and dissemination techniques
  • Assignments and Reporters management
  • Documentation, Research and data verification techniques
  • Presenters Training
  • Studio interview techniques
  • Hosting talk shows and debates
  • Remote Studio production skills
  • Factual and Current Affairs production techniques
  • Documentary making and storytelling techniques

Acquisition & Sourcing

  • Acquisition identification skills
  • Child and Family protection compliance
  • Multi tier audience addressing techniques
  • Contractual negotiation and compliance skills
  • Knowledgebase content development
  • Format Rights and adaptation techniques

Output & Presentation

  • Presentation and Scheduling Skills
  • Synchronizing Multiplatform Scheduling
  • Promotions production techniques
  • Maximizing promotions Impactful
  • Multilingual and Multi time zone promotion techniques
  • Branding across multiplatform
  • Conforming and Uniformity

We manage and deliver in Technical and Operational Training a variety of broadcasting exposures to cutting edge technology in areas such as;

  • Graphic design and character and logo generation
  • Studio Camera maintenance and operations
  • Lighting Techniques in Studio and in the field
  • Audio & Video Mixer operations and configuration
  • Gallery Operation and maintenance Techniques
  • Directing techniques and skills
  • ENG Camera operations skills
  • Archive storage “MAM’ and operation
  • Post Production Skills Video and audio craft Editing
  • Playout and Automation techniques and Skills
  • Database management for automation application
  • Cloud Applications collaborative platforms in Broadcasting
  • Field Contribution Skills in ENG, SNG and OB operation
  • Technical Compliance in Contribution and Distribution
  • IP distribution Techniques
  • IT Network Management and IP Protocols in Broadcasting
  • Newsroom Computer Systems ‘NRCS’
  • Maintenance skills and techniques


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